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30 Day Challenge - Day 1

In an effort to try and kick myself up the ass and post more, I'm stealing the 30 Day Challenge meme that [personal profile] vanillamagick has started posting. Wish me luck?

Day 1 asks Write some basic things about yourself

The basics are that I’m a 40 year old bisexual, polyamorous woman who works as a graphic designer in the travel industry. I live in London with my wife, children and cats. I love God, caffeine, chinese food, classic rock, and classic films.

I’ve was born in East London and have lived here all my life, despite having a name that means ‘Ireland’. I have a twin brother called Brody – and it’s very important to note that I am five minutes older than he is – and we’re very close. He’s quite literally my other half.

My parents, however, disowned me when I came out as bisexual in my early 20s. I haven’t spoken to them for over 15 years.

I graduated from University Of The Arts in London in 1997 with a BA (Hons) Fine Art & History of Art, and I completed my MA Digital Arts (Visual Arts) in 2014 through Camberwell College of Arts in London.
I work for The Flight Centre as a Graphic Designer although most of my job revolves around usability and layout of company literature – both internal and external

As well as a passion for art, I’m fascinated by Psychology and Philosophy and am seriously thinking about completing some kind of course around them.

I met my wife Jade Rachel in 2010 and we have been married since 30 March 2015. We have two children, Regan who is 17, and Caden Bryce who is 5.

That’s the serious stuff out of the way:
I believe in God.
I drink too much coffee (and vodka) and eat too much take out (and chocolate).
I support Arsenal FC
I love Disney movies
My favourite band is The Beatles, my favourite movie is Casablanca, my favourite colour is red, my favourite author is JRR Tolkien and my favourite painter is Leonardo Da Vinci
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